C・ピーター・ワグナーは、地域を支配する悪霊と対決することで、地域を霊的に変革するという「霊的戦い(Spiritual Warfare)」の提唱者として知られています。しかし、この霊的戦いは実を結ばなかったとして、次のように告白しています。

― C. Peter Wagner, The Changing Church: How God Is Leading His Church into the Future (Baker Publishing Group, 2004), p. 96

So, if church leaders know the direction they are heading and if we have both correct theology and the practical tools for doing the job, why aren’t any of our cities transformed? Some of the leadership of the Body of Christ have strongly affirmed regional and national transformation as our goal. They have spent huge amounts of time and have invested large sums of money in attempting to push the Church forward down this path. But frustration has begun to set in. Even after 10 years, we cannot point to a single city in the United States that has undergone a sociologically verifiable transformation!


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